The official West Branch Football Podcast, Talking Bear Football, gives fans an in-depth look into West Branch Football with both current and former player and coach interviews, game-by-game analysis, and so much more. The show is hosted by Sports Information Director Jason Miller and Producer/ writer Matt Chinander.

To ensure you receive the first and all future episodes, check out our tips below on how to subscribe to the show on your smartphone or computer. If you don’t have a smartphone or a computer with iTunes, all episodes will be available here on to stream.

iOS Devices (iPhone, iPad, iPod touch)
1. Open the App Store app and search for Podcasts
2. Find and download the app that has a purple background (it’s free) and should be the first one listed
3. Open the Podcasts app and search for “Talking Bear Football”
4. Tap on “Talking Bear Football” (you’ll see the West Branch Football logo)
5. Tap on the “Subscribe” button

Android Devices
1. In the PlayStore, search and download the “Podcast Addict” app (it’s free)
2. Once installed and opened, at the top of the screen, tap the + (plus) button
3. Tap “Search Engine” button and make sure “Use iTunes search engine” is checked
4. Type in “Talking Bear Football”
5. Tap “Subscribe”

Windows Phone
1. Open the Podcasts app from your phone’s menu
2.In the “Get Podcasts” text box, enter the URL for Talking Bear Football:
3. Once loaded, at the bottom of the screen, tap the + (plus) button and then “download” to subscribe to the show.

Mac & Windows Computers
1. Open the iTunes application and navigate to the iTunes Store
2. Search for “Talking Bear Football”
3. Click on “Talking Bear Football” and then click “Subscribe.” The show will now show in the Podcasts section of your iTunes Library.

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  1. Kathie McIlrath
    September 25

    I just listened to the most recent pod cast…I love it!! I feel like I am listening to a book on tape…what is coming next? At times I laugh, other times I wonder “what are they thinking?!” but in the end I love it and look forward to the next pod cast as much as I look forward to watching the game on the web site on Saturday!

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